Pain Management

Prolotherapy is short for proliferation therapy. The treatment works by injecting a substance that causes irritation into the When you have areas that are sore on your body, such as ligaments, tendons and muscles, the body is sending cells to that location to alleviate the pain. But the body still has those stem cells in the background for important emergencies.

So with stem cell prolotherapy, we absorb some of those stem cells in your body and inject them right into the area of pain. As a result, the stem cells will adjust to that area and help relieve the pain in that area faster.

By using the body’s response time and the nature of stem cells, we can force the stem cells to choose the role that works best for your body even if your body is working at fixing it already.

As for insurance coverage, most do not pay for Prolotherapy injections, still regarding it as unproven (Dr Mahl is living proof of its benefits), however modern research is showing that there is significant improvement with Prolotherapy, particularly for conditions such as hips, backs, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, knees, ankles and more.